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The capital cities of Australia are quickly becoming some of the least affordable places in the world to buy property as the market continues to prove difficult.

Unfortunately, not everyone is in the position to get financial assistance from family or are lucky enough to be earning six figures in their nine-to-five jobs, so, how does one buy a home when it can feel so unreachable?

Instead of a house, buy an apartment –

Not surprising, houses in inner city locations are more expensive than those situated a little more rural – a common factor across all cities of Australia. It’s important to remember that when you first begin hunting for your home, don’t just look in the one suburb – always think about the surrounding suburbs, or suburbs that weren’t on your list originally. Buying in another suburb to what you originally imagined or buying an apartment instead of a house could be a more affordable option for you. The first property that you purchase, or even the second property that you purchase, don’t have to be your forever homes.

What you may lose in space by living in an apartment, you gain by cheaper repayments on your mortgage and by being able to buy something in your preferred suburb as apartments are nearly always cheaper than houses when looking at the same areas. Between the location and the size of a property, there is a small trade-off that you will need to take into consideration. Townhouses or apartments generally don’t have backyards or large outdoor entertaining areas, but many complexes may have a pool or gym to be shared among residents – perfect for the warmer months of the year and perfect for keeping you accountable to be active everyday!

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Move to a regional area –

Living in a more regional or rural area can benefit you in more ways than one, not only is the cost for housing usually cheaper, but the general cost of living is cheaper as well. Although the commute to work could take you a little longer, the spacious and relaxed lifestyle is something that you may just not be able to find anywhere else – a factor that is also very attractive to many buyers should you ever choose to sell. Regional or rural areas that are still within a relatively short commuting distance to your capital city are very competitive and in high demand, when in comparison to a more remote suburb or town. Living in a regional area can present a minor challenge when it comes to job searching – but only if you are looking for a job within 15 minutes of home. Perhaps consider whether the hours you currently work can be slightly more flexible, or if a potential 60 minute commute to your work would be suitable for you and your family.

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Buy in an undesirable area – 

Close to a decade ago, the inner west suburbs of Sydney were in far less of a demand in comparison to today, however over this period of time, these suburbs have had some of the most consistent growths in pricing Australia wide – this is mainly due to the appeal of the area for young people.

Buying property in some of the cheaper areas can be very worthwhile, especially if there are other people wanting to do the same thing. Over time, the houses in a once undesirable area begin to be renovated, shops and restaurants begin to be built and then opened in order to accommodate all of the new people taking up residency. Naturally, this sparks improvements to or additional forms of infrastructure and public transport – however, nothing happens overnight and it can take quite a few years before these changes become noticeable.

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Rentvesting –

No matter how old or young you are, anyone can invest in property. Rentvesting is something that allows people who are wanting to purchase property across all price ranges to buy a home in a certain area, rent the home out to prospective tenants and then live somewhere else. This is an option that suits many Australians as they are able to live in their desired location, but are also able to get into the property market by purchasing something cheaper, which may be able to achieve a fairly good result in terms of capital growth.

While investing in a rental property could be looking like it’s the right option for you, there has been some talk of some changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions as part of the next election, which would affect those with investments or those looking to invest.

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